Friday, February 8, 2013

Copies of their Birth Records

Here is a copy of the birth record of a John Sorell, Jr. from the Vermont Vital Records 1760-1954 found on              Hinesburgh TWP, Chittenden Co., Vermont

Copy of Birth Certificate for Minnie Miola Howe's birth certificate on file at the Bridport, Addison, Co., Vermont,           vol 2, p. 11
 It reads Minnie Miola Howe born Nov 12,1878, father George Howe born in Bridport, Carpenter, mother Emma Sartwell Howe, born Ticonderoga, NY.

Minnie Miola Howe was born in Bridport, Addison County, Vermont on 12 November 1978[1] the child of George Howe, a carpenter, born in Bridport, Vermont according to her birth certificate and Emma Sartwell born in Ticonderoga, New York. Emma was probably the “Emily,” age 10 in the 1860 census of Ticonderoga, among seven children of Darwin and Ellen Sartwell.[2] Her parents were most likely married in 1877 0r 1878, probably in Ticonderoga or Crown Point, Essex County, New York. Emma died in Bridport on 18 December 1878 of obthsis pulmonalis at the age 26 years 9 months and 18 days old, probably as a complication of childbirth.[3]

[1] Birth Record, Bridport, Vt. Town Clerk, 2:11, copy in the author’s possession; Yoder, Update, 1:170
[2] In 1860 at Ticonderoga, Essex Co., N.Y., Darwin and Ellen Sartwell both age 39, with seven children including Emily, age 10. Yoder, Update, 1:170  says she is the daughter of Darwin and Mary (St. John) Sartwell.
[3] Vermont State Vital Records, born in Ticonderoga, daughter of Darwin and Mary (St. John) Sartwell.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Marriage Certificate

The Marriage certificate reads as follows:
John Sorell of Monckton, Vermont and Minnie M. Howe of Monckton, Vermont were united in the bonds of MARRIAGE at Crown Point, Essex Co., New York on the thirteenth day of October in the year of our Lord Eighteen Hundred and Ninety-four comfortably to the ordinance of God and the Laws of the State.[1]
According to the Town Books at the Crown Point town clerk’s office-John Sorell’s parents are listed as Mary LaRose and John Sorell and he is 28 years of age.  The only birth record that I could find for a John Sorell born to parents with the above names was born 5 Oct 1862 in Hinesburg, Vermont, [2] which would have made him 32 years old at the time of their marriage.
Minnie M. Howe is listed as age 17, and parents are Ida Sartwell and John Howe.[3] 
Minnie Miola Howe was born in Bridport, Vermont 12 Nov 1878, [4] which would have make her just shy of her 16th birthday. It would appear that they both lied about their age. It was apparently very common in those days to marry young girls to much older established men.
At the moment I can’t prove anything to determine whether this is the John Sorell that married my great grandmother, Minnie. It is a possibility as Monckton, Vermont is not far from Hinesburg or Bridport and they are all in Addison County, Vermont.

[1] Copy in my possession
[2] Vital Records, Hinesburg, Addison Co., Vt. Book 1, p. 29
[3] Vital Records, Crown Point, Essex Co., N.Y. marriage record in my possession
[4] Vital Records, Bridport, Addison Co., VT. Birth records, p. 7