Wednesday, April 24, 2013

NERGC/ACG Manchester, NH

I just got back from the NERGC conference in Manchester, NH Sunday where I left a query on the board about my John Sorell BRICK WALL. Ed who lives in Hinesburg, VT just e-mailed and offered his Society's help. I replied immediately and thanked them. I now am keeping my fingers crossed that they have better luck than I did. By the way the Town Clerk's office in Hinesburg, Vt. is very modern. They are really very helpful to genealogists.
While there in Manchester, NH I visited the American-Canadian Genealogical Society, at 4 Elm Street. The volunteers were very helpful and he/she went out of his way to help me.They couldn't find any more than I had already but did offer some ideas that I will follow up with this week.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Salt Lake City Research Trip

It is with great anticipation that I decided to go to RootsTech 2013 in Salt Lake City. I admit that one the big draws was the Family Search Library was there. I thought what a great opportunity to try to break through the Brick Wall of what happened to John Sorell, JR. that married my G-Grandmother Minnie M. Howe in 1894. I have their marriage certificate and a piece of paper with the name of their children written down (as close as our family got to a bible).

  1. Mary Belle Sorell                      4 Jul 1896
  2. Maude Emily Sorrel                19 Feb 1899
  3. Mildred Ida Sorrel                    2 Nov 1900         died 30 Dec 1900
Supposedly Mary Sorell, my biological Grandmother was born in Ticonderoga, Essex, NY; all her later records state that. No record of her or her siblings at the Ticonderoga Town Clerk's office. No record of their births or Mildred's death at the Crown Point, Essex, NY Town Clerk's office. I do want to state for the record that even though New York is a Genealogist's nightmare that both town clerk's have been very accommodating but could not find anything for me.
It was with great hope that I thought someone could help me out at the Family Search Library in Salt Lake, but it wasn't meant to be. I'm still trying to find out how a whole family can fall completely through the cracks. The search will continue.
I have gone back and forth over Lake Champlain, like my ancestors did many years ago between New York and Vermont, but can't find any clues.