Saturday, March 19, 2016


This year there are so many blogs pertaining to getting organized, which I'm sure all of us Genealogist's would love to accomplish. But where to start. I started with Thomas MacEntee with "The Genealogy Do Over" in thirteen weeks. I attempted this program (in 2015) which was really great but definitely moved to fast for me. In all fairness to Thomas he did the 13 weeks over and over, but life got in my way. In 2016 Thomas produced a "The Genealogy Do Over Workbook" available on Amazon Kindle. He also has his program available on his blog at GeneaBloggers at
This is a program that stretches the 13 week program to 12 months. Much easier for me to work with. Thank you Thomas MacEntee for helping me become more organized at a slower pace. Hopefully I can do you proud. I should mention the hard copy (print) of this book/program "The Genealogy Do Over Workbook") is available on

Next for me enters Dear Myrtle at

In all fairness Dear Myrtle has done this program before. This is a new revised program (2016) with weekly assignments, which she states most assignments can be completed weekly.

Between the 2 programs I am trying very hard to get all my genealogy that I have been working on for the last 20 years or so organized, and I am starting to make a huge dent in this project that once seemed overwhelming and overpowering. My analysis is that not all programs are perfect for me but I need to take the most important tools that can help me from each program and develop my own way of organizing my genealogy. That they jump started me into action is invaluable. Thanks to all you bloggers that are giving me the tools to reorganize my Genealogy.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Why Join a Lineage Society

When I first started doing genealogy 15-20 years ago, I never dreamed or wanted to join the DAR or Mayflower Society. I just didn’t get the concept of what was the big deal about having ancestors that came over on the Mayflower or fought for America’s freedom from the British in the Revolutionary War.

I guess that and the fact that my mom couldn’t understand why I wanted to dig into the lives of her family, especially since they had spent lots of time and effort hiding the family secrets. Out of respect to my mom, the most wonderful person in my universe I did very little digging into her family. My Mom died 4 years ago this last February. At first when I started researching the biological side of my mother’s father I was guilt stricken every time I found something. Then I opened an e-mail from Marcia & David Treadway stating that I was either a 1st or 2nd cousin to him, from the FTDNA testing. As we started sharing family history back and forth the guilt started getting less and less.

David really wanted to become a SAR (Sons of the American Revolution) member and kept reminding me that neither one of us was getting any younger. That is when I decided to look into becoming a DAR member and what the organization was really about. So I contacted Ginger Carter, and found out that she is the Registrar for the Worcester Chapter of DAR. I knew Ginger through our affiliation in MSOG (Massachusetts Society of Genealogists, Inc.) the Worcester Chapter. Ginger is a wonderful advocate for the DAR.

I found that it appeared that I had gotten the wrong impression of what it really meant to become a DAR member. It is an organization that forms lifelong bonds with other members that network together to honor their revolutionary ancestors, and promote the preservation of American history, education and patriotism in our community.

Genevieve R Vaundell DeHaan receiving my DAR pin from Ginger Carter, Registrar,  Linda Munroe, Regent looking on     Photo by Jennifer Willson, Curator
These are all the reasons why I had become a genealogist and family historian in the first place. I’m PROUD to be an AMERICAN and be able to honor my ancestors who were so instrumental in ensuring that we would have all the freedoms we enjoy today.
That is why I am proud to say I’m a DAR member. I also believe that my mom would be alright with it.