Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Cornelia M. Sarell

When doing research looking for Mary LaRose, wife of John and mother of my Great-grandfather John Sorell, Jr., born 5 Oct 1862 in Hinesburg, Chittenden Co. Vermont it was suggested that I do research on the Gabriel LaRose family who lived in Hinesburg, Vermont according to the 1860 census. I have done a lot of extensive research on this family and cannot prove or disprove that they are my 2nd Great-grandmother's family.
FAG #91164372 Burial at Green Mount Cemetery, Starksboro, Addison Co, Vermont
But at the Find-a-Grave site the above grave at the Green Mount Cemetery in Starksboro, Addison Co., Vermont, it states CORNELIA M. Dau. of John d Mary SARELL died May 26, 1873 AE 17 Yrs. That means she would of been born in 1856.
FAG---Gabriel LaRose plot   ( l to r, Gabriel & Lydia, Ellen, Alma, unmarked, Martha Shepard, Zoa, Gabril, Cornelia Sarell) 

Pictures taken by Alan Lathrop and used with his permission

Please refer to previous post of May 19, 2013.
There was a John Sorrell baptized at Mt Carmel Catholic Church in Charlotte, Vermont on March 26, 1865, birth date 11 August 1862?. There was also an older sister Emily Sorrell baptized probably at the same time (26 May 1865???), born 22 October 1856. Parents name John Sorrell and Mary Larose. Could Cornelia and Emily be the same person? I hope I can find some prove either way so I can move on solving this puzzle.

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