Wednesday, April 24, 2013

NERGC/ACG Manchester, NH

I just got back from the NERGC conference in Manchester, NH Sunday where I left a query on the board about my John Sorell BRICK WALL. Ed who lives in Hinesburg, VT just e-mailed and offered his Society's help. I replied immediately and thanked them. I now am keeping my fingers crossed that they have better luck than I did. By the way the Town Clerk's office in Hinesburg, Vt. is very modern. They are really very helpful to genealogists.
While there in Manchester, NH I visited the American-Canadian Genealogical Society, at 4 Elm Street. The volunteers were very helpful and he/she went out of his way to help me.They couldn't find any more than I had already but did offer some ideas that I will follow up with this week.

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