Sunday, May 19, 2013

Help from Ed McGuire--Thanks Posted with his permission

Sorry this has taken so long, but life keeps getting in my way.
Ed McGuire, which I owe a great deal of gratitude to, e-mailed me back on the 30th of April with the following information:
1.       Hinesburg Town Clerk’s office – Volume 1, page 29 of the Hinesburg Register of Births and Marriages-John’s birth 5 Oct 1862 to parents Mary LAROSE and John SORELL.  Father & mother listed as born in Canada.  There was no marriage record in Hinesburg for the couple.
NOTE the entry below is a birth of another child Mary LAROSE to Henry LAROSE and Ellen BRO. This couple does have a marriage record in Hinesburg for 17 Jun 1861, both ages 20. Perhaps there is a relationship to Mary (LAROSE) SORELL??
2.       The baptism and Marriage records of many Catholic Diocese of Vermont have been transcribed by our society (THE VERMONT FRENCH-CANADIAN GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY of Burlington, Vermont)
Hinesburg did not have its own church until the 1940’s. It appears that John, Jr. was baptized in the next town west of Hinesburg (Charlotte) at Mount Carmel parish. Please note that an older daughter Emily, born 22 Oct 1856, but not baptized until her brother John was baptized in 1865.

Ed also checked other records and did a thorough search for my people in Hinesburg but found no other records of this family. He suggested I pursue the LAROSE family, which I am in the process of doing right now.  Thanks ED McGuire. You are an angel.

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