Monday, November 21, 2016

Genealogy Research and Organizing Your Records

Do you like the researching part of Genealogy but not the recording all the citations and putting the data into your family genealogy system (computer software or paper files, or etc.)?

I don’t know anybody that doesn’t enjoy solving the mysteries with research and doing a happy dance once in a while. And I bet most of you are like myself and enjoy looking up things and cannot wait to get back home and see how much of the family puzzle is solved. But when it comes to putting where we received our information the excitement falls short and we drop the ball. Or maybe we are brand new to the genealogy game and we don’t even know we have to document everything so not only we will know where the information can be found but other people will also know. 

 Here are a few reasons to Document everything:
  •          You may want to write your family story and even better publish it.
  •          Join a lineage Society.
  •          Prove or disprove a person with little or no records belongs to your family.   
  • ·                 Save TIME and EFFORT by not needing to research the same information over and over  again.
  • ·                So when you go back to your work in after a lapse of time (2 weeks, 10 years, etc.) you will  know where you obtained the information.

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