Monday, February 23, 2015

Blog Posting Committment

While preparing to write my next blog post it suddenly occurred to me, that doing this blog is making me look over my genealogy research like I am under a high powered microscope. I don’t know if it all started when we received the challenge from Thomas MacEntee to join him in his “Genealogy-Do-Over” that started on January 8, 2015 check it out at or when I joined Dear Myrtle’s Beginning Genealogy Study Group  Hangouts on Wednesdays. You can catch Dear Myrtle’s hangouts live, or check it out at

I do know when I decided to commit to blogging with consistency that I also wanted to make sure that the information that I am posting about my family genealogy is accurate and well documented. After all family history without documentation is just a fairy tale or fiction. I do not want to be another one of those people that is putting garbage and false statements out on the internet. We have enough of that going on.

So with keeping with the theme of the above mentioned people (Thomas MacEntee and dear Myrtle) I decided to go over all my research with a fine tooth comb. The first thing I wanted to do is get my computer files and genealogy software ORGANIZED. I found some of my citations duplicated, missing or lacking vital information. Thus that is the reason why I have not posted as much as I wanted to.

The software program that I use is Legacy Family Tree. It is the computer software that I started with in 2005. It meets my needs and was very easy to see where I needed to do more work on my tree, especially with my sources and citations. 

I have always been interested in “my roots” and history even as a child, but respected my mother’s wishes not to ‘dig up the past.” About sixteen years ago I decided if I waited for my Mom (died age of 97 yrs. 3 months) to pass on I would never be able to research my family. I dedicate this post to you Mom.

 © Photo taken by Lisa De Haan           
                 Genevieve Fish Vaundell ------12 Nov 1914- 11 Feb 2012 

         at one of her favorites places the white mountains in New Hampshire


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