Wednesday, March 18, 2015

William & Eliza Nolan and family come to America

I bet you have wondered what it must of been like for your ancestors to leave their homeland, in this case Ireland via Glasgow, Scotland for a better (????) life. I'm sure they had heard stories from their former neighbors (maybe the Steele family) and maybe their children that had already came to America before them about better job opportunities in the new land. Do you ever wonder if they were planning to stay in America or just stay in America til things got better in Ireland or Scotland?
The Nolan's as a family came over to America on the S.S. Siberian passenger ship which was built at the Govan Shipbuilding Co. in Glasgow, Scotland and launched on June 12,1884. It was owned and operated by the J & A Allan Line according to
Were the other children that immigrated to America already here?
The following is record found on Family Search, from the " Massachusetts, Boston Passenger Lists, 1820-1891"

According to the list of Passengers from Glasgow on page 56, line 40-43 the Nolan's, arrived April 24, 1888 into the Port of Boston, Charlestown.  It reads as follows:  
        Nolan, Wm, 56, male, mill worker, native country Scotland, going to Grafton
        Nolan, Eliza, 56, fem, wife, native country Scotland, going to Grafton
        Nolan, John, 14, male, native country Scotland, going to Grafton
        Nolan, Margaret, 11, fem, native country Scotland, going to Grafton

When I was doing research for this blog posting on February 21, 2015  on I found under "Boston, Passenger Lists," 1848-1891, Index and Images another card that states they were born in Ireland and their last residence was Johnstone (Scotland), so I know this is the right family.
The most amazing fact is they brought all their things to America in a total of 8 suitcases.

After William Nolan dies his wife Annie (Eliza) is living with their youngest son John Nolan and his family in the same town (Grafton) along with John's sister Maggie (Margaret).

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