Sunday, February 14, 2016

My Quest For DAR Membership

Sorry it’s been awhile since I posted anything. I guess I didn’t think I had anything important to blog about. You know how life seems to get in the way.
Since my last blog in May 2015 I have been researching and trying to get all the documentation on my Revolutionary Soldier Jonathan Treadway and his descendants.
I will write more on my ups and downs a little later, but right now I want to tell the world that I was successful.
Ginger Carter, Registrar for the Colonel Timothy Bigelow DAR Chapter, Worcester, Massachusetts has been my hero. Without all her wonderful help and assistance I do not think I could have become a DAR Member. 

The following is a chronological list of my quest for DAR membership.
1)   End of April 2015 after talking to a CT DAR member at their booth at the NERGC (New England Regional Genealogical Conference) held in Providence, RI I decided to reach out to Ginger Carter a member of the Worcester DAR Chapter.
i)      She sent me an application form. Also she gave me all the guidelines and what I needed to send in with my application form. We were in  contact via e-mail.She was there when I needed her.
2)   Kept in touch and kept sending her my documents.
3)   October 9, 2015-met with Ginger at “the Oaks” the Worcester Chapter Dar's meeting house in Worcester, MA. and went through what I had for documentation. Ginger wanted to check just one thing with the MA DAR Registrar.
4)   October 17, 2017-Ginger stated that my application was ready to go as soon as I sent my application fee.
5)   November 12, 2015-Ginger notified me that my application was posted as being received at the DAR headquarters in Washington, DC and we just had to wait while they verified it. I took this as a good sign as it was my Mom’s birthday (she would have been 101).
6)   January 10, 2016-Ginger notified  that DC had verified my application and I would be voted in as a DAR member at the National Board of Management in DC on February 5, 2016.
7)   January 5, 2016- I was voted in and given my own national DAR number. Ginger notified me.

8)   February13, 2016-I was sworn in as an official member of the Colonel Timothy Bigelow DAR Chapter and received my DAR pin. and yearbook. Also received my new member’s packet and certificate in the mail.

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