Friday, April 3, 2015

DNA-Jonathan Treadway family

The beginning of March 2015 I received an e-mail from David and Marcia Treadway stating that David and I are 1st or 2nd cousins through DNA testing (FamilyTreeDNA). I was quite excited because all the other matches had not been close at all, and when I looked into their trees (if they had published their trees) there were no surnames that I could relate to.
With the information Marcia & David had given me in the e-mail plus going to their posted  public tree on, I knew right away we are 1st cousins once removed. My mother's biological father  (my grandfather) and David's father are brothers. We exchanged information on our family through e-mails, snail mail and via phone.
This is very exciting as they were able to provide me with pictures of my great grandfather (William Henry Treadway) and great grandmother (Katherine Mellisa Bennett) and some of my grandfather's siblings.
I would naturally love to give back to them. David wants to become a member of The Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) through Jonathan Treadway, but we need more primary resources. They have documentation going back to William Miller Treadway (1817- 1875) born in Crown Point, Essex Co., New York, married to Caroline  C. Moore (1817-1846). They need first source documents going from William Miller to his father William Darwin Treadway (1795-1861), born Shoreham, Addison Co., Vermont, married to Elizabeth Miller (1797-1882). Also need documentation from William Darwin to his father Jonathan Treadway (1755-1832) the Revolutionary Drummer boy, who was married to Hannah Rood (1756-1832).

Pedigree Chart From David and Marcia Treadway
I know all the William Treadways can be very confusing, but some of the tree is even more confusing in that there are 3 William Henry's in a row. This family just loves the name William Henry.

I am hoping that someone out there is reading this and can help us with the information we need to make David's dream of becoming a SAR member a reality. Please get in touch with me if you have anything that will help us make this happen.

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