Monday, April 27, 2015

Genealogy Course

Taken by Genevieve Vaundell De Haan 2015
Finally Spring is in the air!! I just Love the bright yellow daffodils. Sorry my other passion is gardening.

I should of mentioned this earlier, but like everyone else I have had my "hands in to many pots" like my mother use to say. I am taking a free course on genealogy at RootsMOOC which can be found at It is An Introduction to Genealogy and Family History Research. The course started on March 23, 2015 and there is an Introduction Module plus 4 other Modules. Module 1 is Getting Started which introduces all the forms and things you need to know to get started. We are on Module 2 US Census and I found this module very helpful even though I have been doing my family history and genealogy or about 20 years. It never hurts to back to the basics and start all over. I think you can still sign up if you are interested.

From this course a new group was started up by MaryAlice Kane Depew on Facebook called Find Your Ancestors without Spending a DIME;. We all know that no hobby or life passion is completely free but this Group is dedicated to helping other Genealogists and Family Historians to finding resources that are free or things that charge a minimal fee. I'm not a big Facebook user but I have found some very useful information being shared on this group. They appear to stick to the subject matter.
DISCLOSURE I'm one of the Admins.
If you are interested check us out on Facebook and you can let them know I sent you.

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  1. Hi Ginny, Thought I would glance at your blog as I sit here labeling pics from New England, NY and Montreal. Glad spring has finally come for you; we are in full bloom here with temps yesterday at 81 degrees. Today is cooler, thank goodness. Enjoyed rooming with you at NERGC; haven't laughed so hard in years!