Monday, May 11, 2015

DNA-Treadway of Vermont, New York, Connecticut

When I received an e-mail from David & Marcia Treadway that according to FTDNA (family tree DNA) we are 1st -2nd cousins, I was elated. Turns out he is my 1st cousin once removed. Little did I realize where this information would lead me to. As I wrote before (see post 4/3/2015) David is trying to become a member of SAR (Sons of the American Revolution).

Magnolia tree- finding relatives through DNA

David and Marcia then put me in touch with Kathie Sutherland. Katie e-mailed me on April 4, 2015 and announced that her and David are third cousins once removed, which in turn makes us Katie and I 4th, cousins. She and David have a small DNA match but Katie and I don't have any DNA match, but 4th cousins only have a 50% change of matching.  Of course, the absence of ICW (in common with) DNA doesn't mean Katie and I aren't related since DNA separating and recombining are done quite randomly. Needless to say we have a strong ancestor paper trail match. David, Katie, and I all have the American Revolutionary soldier Jonathan Treadway and his wife Hannah Rood's as our ancestor. Rumor has it that he was with General Washington during his crossing of the Delaware River on the night before the Battle of Trenton.

It turns out that Kathie is a physician and the Medical Director for the Genomics at her Hospital. Also she is a proclaimed "DNA Junkie ." She has had her DNA tested with all the major companies and encouraged me to put my DNA results on
She explained that it was a very important tool to understanding how the different segments  of DNA match up. Another words if 2 or more people that share the same segment of DNA are certain of their common ancestor, then others who have the DNA in common with them (ICW) should be somewhere along the branch in that tree. That is why it is very important to have public family trees or at least give permission to the person that is testing (ICW) with you to view your tree. I hope I explained it in simple and correct terms,

After putting my DNA results on I can see which segments of DNA David and I have in common and think I have a more clear understanding of DNA matches. Still have a long way to go, believe me. I keep going to presentations about it. Maybe some day it will click. Putting the information on was quite easy.  All you really have to know is your kit number. The website does all the rest. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

If you want further information on DNA please go to the following You Tube Video
with Lisa Louise Cooke interviewing Diahan Southard  (who was a Rootstech 2015 presenter).  I found her presentation the most down to earth that I have heard and quite easy to understand.


  1. Very interesting. And thanks for the pointer to the YouTube video. Thanks for sharing! I've included this post in my NoteWorthy Reads post for this week:

  2. Thanks for the mention. Found your blog quite informative. Good luck and happy family history searching.